* Single and different pressure measurement
* Calibration function
* Over Range Indicator
* Large LCD with backlight
* Data Hold and Error mode
* 11 Selectable units of Measure
* Max / Min/ Avg reading function
* Zeroing offset, and data compensation
* Low battery display and automatic shutdown
Pressure Range:+2psi
Accuracy:+0.3% FSO (at 25oC)
Repeatability: +0.2% (Max+0.5%FSO)
Linearity/Hysteresis:+0.29% FSO
Response Time:0.5Seconds Typical
Over Range Indicator:Hi
Under Range Indicator:Lo
Operation temperature:0 to 50oC(32 to 122oF)
Operation humidity:10 to 90%RH
Storage temperature: -10 to 60oC(14 to 140oF)
1Storage humidity:10 to 75%RH
Weight:150g(included 9V battery)